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Understand the rules at the Capitol Forensics Club

General Conduct


All club members are to exhibit a kind, polite, and respectful attitude towards others at all times and to behave in a manner that brings glory and honor to God.  Club members will conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner, showing respect for leaders, both students and adults, along with respecting the facilities.  All club members are required to stay within the geographical boundaries set by the administration of all facilities we use and are to strictly adhere to all established rules/regulations,  Students are expected to respect the property and facilities we are blessed to use, and help clean up any mess which we may create in our use of such facilities.  This code of conduct applies to club meetings as well as tournaments.

Public Displays of Affection

If there is a boy/girl relationship in the club that goes beyond friendship, no public display of affection (hugging, holding hands, etc.) should be shown.  There should be no outward signs of the relationship both at club meetings and at tournaments.  Public displays of affection at any club event, including tournaments, may be cause for dismissal from the club.

Dress Code

 In keeping with a spirit of modesty, all club members must dress in a manner that does not draw attention to the body or to one's outward appearance.  No tank-tops, low-cut blouses, short skirts, or T-shirts with offensive slogans are allowed.  Clothing that covers shoulders to mid-thigh/fingertips (and everything in between) should be worn at club meetings.
At tournaments, business attire is a requirement.  For boys, this means a suit and tie along with nicely groomed hair.  For girls, this means a nice blouse with a jacket and either a skirt or dress pants.  A nice, modest dress with a jacket is also an option.
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