Get to know the speech events offered at NCFCA Tournaments

Platform Speaking


Platform speaking includes events that allow you to write a 10 minute speech on the topic of your choice. The platform speaking events for this year are:

Persuasive Speaking: A speech intended to persuade a judge of your position on any issue you choose


Informative Speaking: An opportunity to make an event, an idea  or anything you wish known to others.


Illustrated Oratory: A speech on any topic, but you are allowed 3-10 foam boards and a box full of props to illustrate your topic

Limited Preparation

Limited Preparation speeches give you the chance to think on the fly!  In these events, you won't know your topic until you go into your round!

Impromptu Speaking: A 5 minute speech, with 2 minutes of preparation time, on whatever topic is given to you!


Apologetics: A 6 minute speech, with 4 minutes of preparation time, that analyzes a part of the Christian faith.

Extemporaneous: A 7 minute speech, with 20 minutes of preparation, on current news happenings.


Interpretations, or interps for short, are your chance to act out a book, short-story, or even your own writing for up to 10 minutes!
Biblical Presentation: A mix between acting and speaking on scriptural texts.  You have a small sheet as a prop in this event!
Open Interpretation: An acting piece done on the book or short-story of your choosing!
Original Interpretation: Your own story come to life in a presentation similar to Open Interpretation
Duo Interpretation: Just like Open, but in duo, you have a partner!