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Get to know the debate styles available at NCFCA Tournaments

360 Bridge _ Austin TX
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Team Policy

Team Policy is a formal debate over changes in foreign or domestic policy between two teams of two.  This year, TPers will debate the following resolution: Resolved: The United States Federal Government should significantly reform its import and/or export policy within the bounds of international tradeThis means that, for the affirmative side, each team will construct a case to prove to the judge that the government should change its import or export policies, and will discuss what changes should be made.  For the negative, each team will also prepare evidence briefs full of research that shows why other teams' affirmative cases are unnecessary, unimportant, or wrong.

Practice Debate - Team Policy
2015 Conroe Qualifier - LD Finals

Lincoln Douglas is a formal debate over values between two debaters.  This year, LDers will debate the following resolution: Resolved: The individual right to property ought to be valued above the economic interest of the community.  Lincoln Douglas debaters will build an affirmative case to show why the individual right to property is more important than the economic interest of the community, and then the exact opposite for their negative case.  Because debating over values gets into a lot of philosophy and deep argumentation, LD is a more complex debate than TP. 

Lincoln Douglas


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